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mercury. messenger continues to explore the solar system's inner most planet. doesn't look like a fun place to live. jenna: never know what you will find, like e.t. jon: thanks for joining us. "america live" starts right now. see you tomorrow. megyn: thanks, guys. this is a fox news alert. we're expecting to learn new details shortly about what's next in the libya conflict. welcome to "america live," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. top leaders of the obama administration are headed to capitol hill, where they will brief congress, this as moammar qaddafi's forces gain ground, forcing a rebel retreat. among those we expect to see, secretary of state, hillary clinton, defense secretary, robert gates, and joint chiefs of staff, mike mullen, set to answer questions about the road
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ahead and whether or not terror groups are working with the rebels that are now getting our help. when the news happens, we'll bring it to you and we'll watch it closely. we're told that republicans and democrats have been told to spare no questioning when these three arrive. another fox news alert, this time on a near catastrophe in our skies. an investigation is under way into an incident in florida involving an air traffic controller that sent two planes on a path of near-collision. he instructed a southwest passenger plane carrying 137 people to fly closer to a private jet after that jet lost contact with the control tower. here's the really scary part of the pilot of the passenger plane got so close to the other aircraft, they can see inside his cockpit. gregg jarrett picks it up from there. >> reporter: an air traffic
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control supervisor, mind you, risks. lives of the passengers on board that plane just to check on the small, private prop plane. it violates common sense and well-established rules. the small plane cruising over central florida. a supervisor asked the pilots of the passenger just to get close to it. government rules say that planes may not fly less than 1,000 feet apart. they could see inside the cockpit. the f.a.a. calling it "totally inappropriate." the pilots should have known
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better. remember this, when a control supervisor fell asleep on duty. two passenger jets trying to land and couldn't make contact with the tower. take a listen. >> reporter: so the two jets landed while the controller dozed off. the two incidents show, "there is something basically wrong with the mentality and discipline of the controller work force," that according to a former safety board member. the ntsb has opened an investigation into the latest incident. back to you. megyn: thank you, gregg. >> reporter: sure. megyn: we dug through the numbers and found that over the last eight years there's been
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hundreds of recorded near-midair collisions, of course, there also have been millions of flights. numbers from the national transportation bureau of statistics show in 2009, there were 73 incidents they classified as near collisions. last year, 90, including september 16 when a u.s. airbus came within 100 feet of another aircraft. 2003 saw the worst numbers, 161 incidents total. if that weren't enough, we have report next hour on an investigation about how a bullet pierced the plane in mid flight. stay tuned for that. back now to our top story, as we wait for secretaries clinton and gates, along with admiral mullen to arrive on capitol hill, they will be briefing
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lawmakers on the crisis in libya and our military's role in this fight. they're expected to answer tough questions. lawmakers are said to be unsatisfied with the information. a top nato commander telling a house panel that the u.s. role will be reduced with other partners handling more responsibility. this comes as the libyan rebels lose ground in their fight. qaddafi's troops forcing the opposition to give up ground that they had captured near qaddafi's hometown on monday. the rebels have been driven back by qaddafi's better-armed troops and forced to retreat from key oil towns on the coast. rick leventhal is streaming live to us from ajdabiya. rick? >> reporter: we've moved to benghazi because of that retreat, the second in two days
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by opposition fighters. yesterday they were in ras lanuf. a couple hours ago, we learned that the rebels have retreated to ajdabiya's west gate. when we heard that, we knew it was time for us to retreat to benghazi. a couple of weeks ago when the troops made it to ajdabiya, shortly after, they made it to benghazi. that's when the air forces pushed qaddafi praopz back. this morning, we heard airstrikes and heard that there were nato jets hitting targets in and around ras lanuf, but it
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wasn't enough to stop the tanks and armor and troops from advancing. rebel fighters have retreated to ajdabiya and qaddafi forces are still on the move back to the east, despite the gains over the weekend. megyn: thank you, rick. some analysts are getting worried that this struggle could play out for years. qaddafi's holding on. and the u.s. is trapped now in an expensive game of controlling the neighborhood and is considering arming the rebels, rebels who our secretary of state told us, we're still getting to know. it may include terrorists, al-qaeda, hezbollah, fighters that fought against u.s. soldiers in iraq and afghanistan, took the lives of our soldiers, may be part of these rebel groups and we're considering arming them. monica crowley joins us 5
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minutes with what's at stake here for the united states of america. after weeks of reporting on efforts to save that damaged nuclear plant in japan, the situation has turned a new, dismal corner. the plant is a total loss and that the nuclear workers are literally risking their lives to keep the radiation from turning an entire region into a waistline. contamination is spiking, reaching 3,300 times normal. officials still say that that radiation does not pose a threat to human beings right now. dominic di-natale join us now. >> reporter: a short time ago we were speaking to a mother of
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the so-called fukushima 50. apparently they've come to the conclusion that they believe they will die in a matter of weeks, if not before the end of the year, as a result of having to work on the site, but they see it as their personal duty to save the nation. radiation levels coming off the plant are within limits that don't pose an immediate threat to the larger population, but the workers are resigned to the fact that they are fated themselves, which is tragic news we're learning tonight in japan. what they now are trying to do is soak the plant in a water-soluble resin, which will hopefully prevent the radioactive debris that's being blown off the plant and also
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running off in the water and prevent a full-scale meltdown. how this resin will work, it will be like a coat of glue sticking down a llt of the debris. that will allow the workers to gain greater access to the reactors and try to find out precisely what's going on inside. authorities still don't know. the utility owner still doesn't know the extent of the damage inside. and the workers are restricted from getting inside because of large areas of highly radioactive material. this resin, which they will test tomorrow on a trial basis, will hopefully allow them greater access to get inside certain areas and see where the problems lie. it's a temporary measure. it's only to allow the workers to gain access as close as possible to the nuclear rods to see whether there's been
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breeches and what specifically is leaking. the prime minister is recommending that the plant be decommissioned, saying it will be weeks before they can get to a situation where it's under control. megyn: not particularly surprising, but your headline was disturbing. on what are the plant workers saying that they have weeks to months to live. have they been examined by medical teams? >> yes, they are seeing medical teams, but it's talk amongst the workers that are living under difficult conditions. they're getting fed twice a day, rice and crackers. they're sleeping on tables and they won't sleep on the floor because they feel radioactivity will come so the floor. they're taking medical advice,
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but this is their own personal assessment. they feel it's what is going to happen to them. it's their personal interpretation about it. they haven't been told that by doctors. last week the three workers were exposed to radioactive water, they've received burns be. they absorbed radiation into their body. we haven't been told about the quantities, but we're talking about the fukushima 50, which is almost as many as 70 people. this is what they're talking about amongst themselves. megyn: so disturbing. it gives you a feeling for what those heroic workers are going to you to try to save their countrimen and beyond from the disaster. dominic, great work. thank you. we're 15 minutes away from the start of this key congressional briefing on the situation in libya. monica crowley weighs in on
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president obama's strategy. what he said about possibly arming these rebels and we're where headed next. take a listen to this. >> out of the way. out of the way. megyn: a skieer escapes near death and captures it on tape. we're learning more about a group of women called maternity tourists. they come from china, mexico and other countries to the united states for the sole purpose of giving birth here. then they go home with their american babies. why would they do that? we'll have a full investigation. >> i just thought it was strange that there were so many pregnant women walking up and down the street. they seem to not know where they were going. >> what do you mean? >> they would wander back and forth and back and forth and then cars pick them up and take
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them away.
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megyn: big hour on capitol hill right now. top members of the obama administration expected to take some tough questions from democrats and republicans on this crisis in libya. what happened to qaddafi? who are the rebels that we're helping? will we give them weapons? what happens if we do take over? monica crowley, fox news contributor and radio host. harry reid, even, has said, don't go easy on them. we need answers. apparently they're not satisfied with the answers they got from the commander in chief on monday night. what happens to qaddafi? it's still not answered. we said we want him gone but won't take them out militarily and the messages have been conflicting. >> on monday night, the commander-in-chief made a murky
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situation murkier. he claimed we're not interested in regime change, but then again, the mission won't be complete unless we have regime change, which means the deposing of moammar qaddafi. megyn: and hillary clinton said that the nato-led operation will end with the removal of qaddafi. which is it? >> the commander-in-chief and secretary of defense and secretary of state are singing from different hymnals. this is a bad situation where you have men and women in harm's way overseas. you have to be singing from the same song book and none of the top officials seem to be doing that. megyn: we're trying to clear the way for the rebels. we're trying. they had a setback overnight. we seem to be trying to pave the way. there's a question about who the rebels are, who we're helping, whether there are elements of al-qaeda. there was a quote today saying,
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"we can't answer if it's 2%, 20% or 80%?" even hillary clinton saying, "we're getting to know them." >> as if we're on a blind date. megyn: why would we be bombing on their behalf? why would we be considering giving them arms? >> exactly. why would we start down this road without having at least some fundamental answers to these questions. we don't know how this operation will turn out. we don't know if qaddafi will be deposed or entrench himself in power, which would be the worst-case scenario. we know that over his 40-year regime that his main opposition has been the muslim brotherhood. megyn: but we must be making a calculation that we'll take them over him. he is so bad, we don't need to
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get to know the rebels any better. >> if the main opposition has been the muslim brotherhood and that al-qaeda has been operating in the eastern part of libya, then they would seem to make up the strongest element of the rebels. does that mean they make up all the rebels? no, of course not. i'm sure there are real democratic reformers in there as well. but they're in the best position to grab the weapons. megyn: you are sayingngthat the worst thing that can happen is if qaddafi stays entrenched in power. so if it's al-qaeda, we should be helping the rebels? >> no. the worst-case scenario for the united states is if qaddafi is entrenched in power, that dissipates american credibility because we've put it on the line. what could happen that could be worse than that is if qaddafi falls and you get a regime in there that's worse than qaddafi.
1:21 pm
if you get a pre-9/11 afghanistan where al-qaeda, taliban-like elements, and the muslim brotherhood control a vast area on the boarder of the mediterranean that is closer than afghanistan. megyn: if we do help the rebels, they would need to be trained. and that could mean sending trainers and there are questions about how long it would mean for our troops. we're going to train possible al-qaeda members on how to use arms? how do we prevent that from haunting us? >> how do we separate out the genuine reformers from the al-qaeda elements, the muslim brotherhood elements? we have no clear path. that makes it so dangerous. the president and secretary of defense say it will be days, maybe weeks, that kind of
1:22 pm
prediction haunts presidencies. megyn: we'll see. thank you. big news on perhaps the most significant religious find. it may reveal the bible's lost end-of-days prophecy.
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hope incredible video to show you now of a skieer that got caught in the middle of the avalanche and got it on tape. >> avalanche! avalanche!
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megyn: it's hard to imagine what you would do in a similar situation, but i'm thinking avalanche is not what i would be yelling. i don't know. this happened in british columbia. the skieer said that he was prepared for this. he and his buddies had backpacks with shovels and beacons. when you are skiiing offtrail, it's a known risk. the hardest part was explaining it to his wife when he got back home. don't try this on your own. in washington, a growing number of lawmakers from both parties seem ready to put the brakes on a big power grab, as the e.p.a. gets ready to launch a new set of sweeping regulations that have defenders of the agency pulling out all the stops. >> if the e. p. a. wasn't cleaning millions of toxic particles out of the air, they
1:27 pm
would be going, well, somewhere else. megyn: that's disturbing. steve centanni with what may happen here. what is at stake, steve? >> reporter: at issue, of course, are not poisonous metals, but carbon dioxide. it is released mostly by oil refineries and electrical power generating plants. president obama pushed for new regulations last year and didn't get them. now they're enacting new rules through the e.p.a. the supreme court ruled that the e.p.a. has the power to regulate those gases. the republicans say they're overstepping their bounds, essentially rewriting the clean
1:28 pm
air act. >> let's block any new regulations that will drive up production costs for energy, including the new e.p.a. regulations on carbon emissions. >> reporter: even some democrats support the move to limit the e.p.a.'s power on this. virginia senator jim webb supports not implementing for two years so a study can be done. >> it will give the congress the time they need to address the climate change and not disrupt or reverse the progress that's been made. >> reporter: a vote that was expected today is looking less and less likely. in any case, president obama would likely veto any bill that bars the e.p.a. from regulating
1:29 pm
greenhouse gases. megyn? megyn: thank you. new fighting in washington over budget cuts and how bad the debt crisis is getting in america. >> for eight years, the -- administration turned our economy into a house of cards. last fall, that house came tumbling down. now president obama has drawn up a budget blueprint that will rebuild our economy. megyn: coming up, results from a focus group about what americans feel are going on. they're not as maternity tourists. hundreds of women in the united states, here legally, they give birth and take home their american babies to different countries. wry they -- why are they doing this? >> a lot of pregnancies came out of this house. why are they doing it? rain. but actually, it's never been easier to get
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megyn: we expect to learn new details shortly about what is next for u.s. forces in the libya conflict. we're expecting secretaries clinton and gates along with admiral mullen any second now, where they will give congress a classified briefing. the obama administration is expecting tough questions from both sides of the aisle about a possible exit strategy, who we're helping and how far that help should extend. as soon as we learn anything,
1:34 pm
we'll bring you that news. there are new developments in the wisconsin battle to curb the power of public employee unions. a judge last night issuing a new court order blocking the reforms that were passed with the collective bargaining power of public sector workers. the judge said, i meant what i said the first time. don't start implementing it. that's the latest hurdle for republicans who are behind this bill or law or wherever it stands right now. it starts with republicans passing the law, despite democratic colleagues not being in the state. they fled to illinois and wouldn't come home because they wanted to prevent a vote and republicans had it anyway. historic protesters filled their capital, and then a judge, judge sume, blocked it
1:35 pm
from taking event. she issued the order, saying, i meant what i said, and there will be consequences for anybody that violates the ruling. what a mess legally, mike. >> reporter: certainly is. and the judge said that her earlier restraining order must have been misunderstood or ignored because the law or bill started to be implemented. it looks like republicans will continue to ignore or misunderstand the judge because a spokesman for the department of justice said that her order only applies to the secretary of state. >> i don't think it was any surprise what judge sume did. we expected that. apparently on friday, she will take more testimony. the frustrating thing for us is that we want to get back to the real agenda, which we set back in january, which is jobs and
1:36 pm
the economy. >> reporter: the injunction was part of a court challenge. while it was pending, the judge slapped a restraining order on the secretary of state. however, another body, the legislative reference bureau, published another law. the legal experts say they don't know because no one has been down the road before. megyn: mike tobin, thank you. a controversial phone call involving a top senate democrat raising new questions today on whether or not congress could get passed the political gains and finally do something about the budget. this is a budget for 2010. aren't we in 2011 now? democrats didn't take care of it when they were in control.
1:37 pm
republicans haven't either. the next extension expires next friday. the latest controversy started yesterday with a conference call between chuck schumer, senate democrats and a group of reporters. chuck schumer did not know that the reporters were yet on the line and this is what they heard. megyn: little inside look of
1:38 pm
strategization, channeling former president bush. christopher, this is your former boss. he's said, what, i said extreme, but he got caught. he didn't know that the reporters were on the line. if you doubt me, listen to this -- listen to the part where they realized, oops, the journalists are here. >> what we're trying to do here -- >> hello? >> hello? >> hello? >> they must be having technical problems. megyn: they were having problems, all right.
1:39 pm
he got caught. does it matter? >> i don't think it matters. what he said was true, the cuts are draconian and extreme. he's been saying it, i've been saying it. we've been talking about it. and boehner is in a box. megyn: so you got the memo. >> and boehner knows that he has to come to a reasonable deal, but he can't, because the tea party caucus won't let him. the extreme right wing of his party that's controlling him will not let him compromise. megyn: you got the memo. you also have been spoken to by the caucus. this is what the caucus instructed schumer to do and you said exactly what your former boss said. >> i don't work there anymore and i have had no instructions. it's extreme right wing. megyn: when you say that, no one believes you. now it's just like talking points. it's just like, come on, it's
1:40 pm
the messaging that the caucus is instructing. no one believes you. did he hurt himself? >> people have talking points. every elected official has talking points. is there messaging going on? i'm glad that people are putting messaging points out there as republicans have done so effectively. it's time for us to fight back. yes, they are extreme and we should say it every time we talk about it. megyn: both sides of the aisle do it, but they don't get caught on tape. >> it's an opportunity to peek under the skirt of the democrats' political machine. it's not about leading or fiscal responsibility. it shows the democrats for what they are -- they're mud slingers. they want to keep it in the gutter. they don't want to talk about the fact that the deficits for as far as the eye can see are
1:41 pm
more than $1 trillion a year that barack obama's monthly deficits are greater than george w. bush's annual deficits. megyn: the budget is extremely important. we can be facing a government shutdown. they're talking about a very realistic possibility of that happening on april 8. both sides are making it political, looking for, how can i blame it on the other guy. >> everybody wants to play, my rumpus. the republicans are trying to bring cuts to the table. the democrats' response is to demonize them. for people that want a modicum of fiscal responsibility -- >> their cuts are -- >> bottom line, it's -- >> mr. plante, their cuts are
1:42 pm
extremely political. they only went after programs that democrats have supported over the years. they didn't touch defense spending or aid to oil companies. >> not taxing is not -- megyn: no one can understand you when you talk over each other. >> it's not aid to oil companies. >> sure. it's aid to oil companies. it's corporate welfare. megyn: sorry, viewers. >> let me finish. you will lose every argument, so you have to shout everybody down. the republicans want to cut spending. the democrats want to stop the republicans from stopping spending. they will shut the government down. howard dean said it to major garrett at another event. they want to shut the government down because they've laid out the plan to blame it on the republicans. >> one last point. the only way that government
1:43 pm
will shut down is if grownups don't come to the table and compromise. everybody will have to feel a little pain and everybody will have to get a little less than what they want. unfortunately for boehner, he has a caulk that's doesn't understand that about government. megyn: is that because they're extreme? >> they are, very. >> oh, please. you are radicals. >> and that's the radical memo that chris got from boehner. good job. and i like the jacket. megyn: thanks, guys. moving on, an f.b.i. investigation is under way after a hole is found on the outside of a u.s. airways' jet. it looks like a bullet hole. now big developments and new reports of what authorities have found inside that plane. plus, there are new back-and-forth allegations about a possible cover-up on the set of "the black swan." a ballerina says that natalie portman hardly did any dancing
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and some claim that portman should lose the oscar she won over this. @=h hi, dad. we need to talk.
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oops...i gotta go. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about adding niaspan. fight back. fight plaque. love you, daddy. megyn: we're learning more today about a group of women known as maternity tourists. a couple of days ago in san gabriel, california, authorities uncovering a home that caters to women from other countries that come to the u.s. for the sole purpose of giving birth here. when they do, their children are automatically american citizens. why are they doing this? steven camarotta, thank you for being here. they're not staying in the united states and taking advantage of that citizenship. >> it seems to be something more associated with upper class or upper income women from places like china and they're using it as an insurance policy.
1:48 pm
if things were to stabilize, they could have an in with the united states. or they think it's an opportunity they're giving their child. so the crime when they grow up can work in the united states without restrictions. they're doing it for themselves as well as being an opportunity for their kids. megyn: do you see this as better or worse than when we have illegals come into the country and have babies that then live here and grow up trying to be american citizens? >> interesting question. in some ways, this does trivialize american citizenship. we don't know how much of it goes on. this person has no commitment to the united states. they see u.s. citizenship entirely as instrumental. megyn: it's like a gucci bag to them. >> yeah. it's a luxury, a thing they have in case they want to use it later on, like a spare tire.
1:49 pm
it's a very -- it does seem to trivialize u.s. citizenship. this number could only be in the tens of thousands, so it's smaller. megyn: at least the illegals really want american citizenship for their kids. they're not going about it the right way, but these women are holed up in this house. it has formula and different rooms like a hotel. they stay for a month. they have the baby. and that's it. they just want the pretty blue passport as an accessory for their child. and the question is, is this perfectly legal? >> it is. there is nothing in u.s. law that prevents you from coming to the united states and explicitity just to take advantage of our immigration
1:50 pm
laws. if you are pregnant, it's not grounds to deny admission to the united states. megyn: should it be? >> we can deny entrance or come and have a child here, bub we're not going to give it citizenship. we would have to change how we administer birth certificates. we could change it if we wanted to. so far, we haven't. megyn: immigration and customs enforcement say they investigated a similar situation into the city last year, but they will not tell us whether they're investigating this operation. that's their policy. they won't tell them if there's an investigation under way or not. interesting. thank you. >> thank you. megyn: new details on a major find that rivals the discovery of the dead sea scrolls. ancient writings possibly with lost secrets from the bible. a full report after the break. and president obama unveiling a
1:51 pm
new plan to cut our oil imports and bring down gas prices. will it work? our power panel of experts is less than 10 minutes away for what this means for the next time you fill up your tank. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: an incredible discovery in the middle east and it may give us our first glimpse of early christianity. an ancient collection of books is uncovered. gregg jarrett has more in our new york city newsroom. >> reporter: these books are about the size of this, a tiny credit card or my fox news i.d. card. their content and meaning may
1:55 pm
prove enormous. a respected british scholar says that this could be the major discovery of christian history. take a look. here's a picture. the books are made of leaded metal. it appears to refer to the messiah, crucifixion and resurrection. they could be lost seals mentioned in revelation. the books were found five years ago in this cave in a remote part of jordan. tests indicate that they date from the first century. important documents from this period have also been found in the area. this may be the biggest religious found since the recovery of the dead sea scrolls.
1:56 pm
remember that? it had the earliest known copies of the ten commandments. they were found by a jordanian. for scholars of faith, it's a treasure trove. megyn: can only imagine went it felt like to discover those. gregg, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: we've heard reports that there may be terrorists among the rebels in libya. we'll hear from the reporter that has uncovered some of the most troubling connections. breaking news on an f.a.a. investigation under way into how a bullet pierced this u.s. airways flight in mid flight, as if we don't have enough to worry about up there. i know. i'm sorry. i know it's very safe. less than a year after this whale killed its trainer, it's back in the water for a new
1:57 pm
performance at sea world. we'll find out why and what the family of the trainer has to say about it. >> so you don't know if the person was injured or if they're having a medical problem. >> no idea. i don't think they're even out of the wateyet. for lunch at red lobster. how about a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination? or maybe skewers of wd-grilled shrimp. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 at red lobster. delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle heah has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! megyn: fox news alert. we are awaiting possible details on the u.s. involvement in libya. brand-new hour of america live. welcome, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. hillary clinton, robert gates and admiral mike mullen are suppose to be giving a classified briefing at this moment as we hear serious concerns regarding the link between the rebels and terrorist organizations like al qaeda and whether some of the same fighters the u.s. military is protecting once targeted our own
2:01 pm
troops in iraq and afghanistan. byron york of the washington "examiner" has been at the forefront of reporting what those connections are. in a scary piece that you wrote yesterday, you say and i quote, there is no question the rebels americans are currently fighting for in labia include in their rank jihadis. the only question is whether that worries you or not. view require' absolutely true. we have bits and pieces of information. among the rebel leaders there is one leader from darna, libya which is the source of a lot of jihadis. he traveled to afghanistan to fight the foreign invaders, that would be the u.s. military. he told a newspaper he arranged for two dozen libyans to go to
2:02 pm
iraq and fight the united states and iraq. remember back in 2006, 2011, the days of the iraq war there were fire fighters coming into iraq to fight americans. 2007 the united states come fist skates a computer with biographical information on a lot of these foreign jihadis. other than saudi arabia libya was the greatest source of these foreign fighters who came into iraq. ed iraq. admiral rodriguez says there was a flick of among the rebels. but we don't know what a flicker is. megyn: sake hillary clinton said we don't know as much as we would like to know and we are still getting to know them. you can equitable whether we
2:03 pm
should have intervened in libya before knowing them better, we have done that. but now we are talking about potentially giving them arms. our own president said i'm not ruling it out but i'm not ruling it in. >> that is what has sent this question to the top of the priority list. with the setbacks for the rebels. you have talk about arming the rebels, then you have to think, who are these people? during questioning yesterday the admiral says we are studying the opposition to find out who they are. the senator said don't you think you should have done that but committed to military power? nonetheless, that's what's going on now. the president says he believes unsavory elements of the opposition will be small. most of the opposition is made up of good and responsible people. that may entirely be the case, the problem is we don't really know right now.
2:04 pm
megyn: those questions will linger. hopefully they will be answered when the three senior administration leaders head to capitol hill. we learned that moammar qaddafi could have a new home if he decides to give up his fight to maintain power in libya. the leader has been invited to live in uganda if he goes into exile. that is the first nation to publicly say sit would welcome qaddafi. a spokesman for the country says it's the country's policy to help asylum seekers. breaking news on a frightening incidents in the skies. new reports say officials have indeed found a bullet inside a u.s. airways plane. that plane was grounds after the pilot found the bullet hole in the fuselage.
2:05 pm
where did it come from? gregg jarrett has some of the breaking news in our breaking news desk. >> reporter: the bullet has been found and tests are underway. it may reveal where it came from. by it left a hole about the size of this nickel that i'm holding. it was just above a passenger window. it may have happened as the u.s. airways plane was hand landing but no oneon board was hit. nobody knew it happened until the hole caught the attention of the captain during' a prepolite inspection by the captain. it's possible the plane was struck as it was landing at charlotte douglas international airport. some of the planes fly over a police gun range. u.s. airlines pilot says the small size of the hole and its location means the plane itself
2:06 pm
was likely not in any danger. >> the airplane is strong structurally. there are a lot of doors in an ear plane. they all have seals. they all leak a little bit of air. the size of a bullet hollis not going to depressurize an airplane. reporter: if the bullet had struck a hydraulic line it could have been catastrophic. it's not being disclosed whether the plane land on the runway close to the gun range. it could have been an accidental shot from a hunter. maybe it was somebody who intended to hit the plane and succeed. the fbi is running forensic tests on the built. that could help identify the shooter that left the hole this size. it looks pretty big to me. i wouldn't want to be the passenger sitting just beneath the window where the bullet hole came through.
2:07 pm
megyn: i'm a nervous flyer. now i have another thing to worry about the last years it was the birds. now i have got to worry about bullets coming through the body of the plane and piercing me in my seat? >> reporter: in your condition i would keep my feet on the ground. megyn: i'm not supposed to be flying now anyway. a killer whale that drowned its trainer at seaworld is performing today for the first time since that tragedy. visitors in orlando can see tilikum in the shows. phil? >> reporter: we are just now finding out a dozen protesters did protest outside of seaworld orlando this morning, protesting tilikum, the notorious killer whale's return to the limelight. but inside the crowds watched the show.
2:08 pm
tilikum killed its trainer 13 months ago by yanking her by the ponytail in there. fans inside there may not be aware this is tilikum the killer wheaf. but they did put in guardrails. the whales are trains to stay at opposite end of the pool. they add a 2-foot tension to the water used to clean its teeth. 13 months ago in front of a live audience tilikum, 12,300 pounds pulled an experienced trainer into the water by her pony dale. we contacted her family this morning. it's not commenting on the wisdom, despite critics of
2:09 pm
returning tilikum to the limelight. see world is not explaining why it's returning tilikum to the limelight. today's redebut of tilikum comes as see world is appealing a citation by osha which fined seaworld $75,000 for creating an environment where workers were not protected from workplace danger. i spoke to the animal defense fund in california. she is highly critical of seaworld saying these orcas are wild. it has killed three people prior to this. who's to say it's not going to kill again. megyn: president obama just announced his new plan for cutting our oil imports. our power panel of experts
2:10 pm
separates oil facts from slippery fiction. plus a scandal emerging about the "black swan." who did the dancing. who deserves the credit and should natalie portman's oscar be in danger here? one little boy watched in horror as three of his friends sunk deeper into a mud hole. this quick-thinking action that saved all of them. >> kaity and carl were in the middle. they started sinking. my shoe got stuck. i was trying to walk in there to get over to katie to try to pull her out. and i started sinking more. juse we mix and mingle... so do the delicious tastes and textures in every handful of chex mix. we're made to mix.
2:11 pm
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2:14 pm
kayla palmer was there and he realized his play mates were sinking fast an could not reach them. >> i ran up to the rocks, then i ran to the second house over there, and that's where larry was. >> one of the kids came running across the street yelling, mister, mister, there are some kids in trouble here. it too three each to haul the kid out. they were sucked right into that thing. megyn: they were cold and bruised but they were safe. the local fire department put up netting around the mud pit to keep others safe. two hours ago president obama laid out a new plan to reduce foreign oil imports to the united states by one-third over the next decade. he fend off criticism that his policies are to blame for the rising gas prices.
2:15 pm
>> my administration approved more permits last year. any claim that my administration is responsible for gas prices because we quote-unquote shut down oil production, that claim is untrue. megyn: pat powell and jamu green, and a fox nun contributor. eric, i see you shaking your head. >> reporter: the reality is he put a moratorium back on after the b.p. oil spill, there have been six permits that have gone back. six of you can start drilling again. the problem is five of them were already previously permitted. these aren't new wells. he on allowed one brand-new well, a shell well that will end up going into production as soon as they can get their mind to
2:16 pm
it. but a federal judge said to the obama administration, you have to start permitting. there is 270 permits waiting to be approved. megyn: the administration said the department of interior is estimating that millions of acres of energy leases are not being he can moistured by oil companies that have gotten permits. >> they have given permits or leased the land to them. 57% of those are onshore, and 0% are offshore. but then they put the kind of regular laying in that makes it almost impossible for them to implement those permits or do anything about it. they don't can't you the acres being used until oil is pumping. >> and the bottom line is we heard all this before. if you go back, there have been every president since president nixon has give up some version of this speech. here we are in 2011 and we are
2:17 pm
having the same conversation over and over again. great speech, lousy action. i don't want to pick on democrats versus republicans. we keep kicking the can down the road. this president is saying we'll solve this problem on someone else's watch. it will be 2025. megyn: by then. he says here is how we are going to do it. we'll increase domestic oil pro duck. encourage the use of natural gars, and biofuels. he tried to do some of that with cap and trade. and there is a question about whether he's going to be able to get anything through give up how divide washington is. >> i think that division will be a big obstacle. in the last year, under his watch, in his administration we have produced more oil here in
2:18 pm
the u.s. than we did in the last 7 years. we have to stop having the partisan conversations and give credit where credit is due. the department of energy, that was dictated by the administration. he wants to do this in a safe way because we don't want to see what happened with bp. >> reporter: he took credit for oil pro duck on the rise. does anyone know how long it takes for a permit to go through the permitting process. and get a drill rig out and producing oil? it's under george bush's watch who was the first to pull the moratorium. megyn: he said oil production reached its highest level ever in 2009.
2:19 pm
our brain room said it is true, but as eric points out, the oil production numbers are due to action taken before president obama was president. can he say it's due to his policies? >> i think he can. i don't recall under the bush administration a focus on the fact we need to reduce our energy dependence and foreign oil. i don't remember that we needed to move to cleaner and safer energy in every single way we heard this president strongly say this. we saw the the gulf with bp and lack of regulations. we can't move forward in an irresponsible and unsafe way. >> that was a tragic accident. it's sad when we use a tragedy to drive a different agenda when it come to energy. when i went through the -- >> it's about innovation. >> the issues that obama raised
2:20 pm
during this speech. he was raising the cafe standards where everybody would stand an and applaud. but we never met the old cafe standards. the automobile industry pays hundreds of millions of dollars in fees and penalties because while they could produce a car that would meet them, we wouldn't buy them. megyn: i have got to go -- >> we have to hold the oil companies. megyn: the president said the global economy is largely to blame. we see the oil prois and gas prices go up and we have problems in the middle east. you can't pin that on boik. he doesn't control the global economy. >> reporter: he offers a $2 million loan for brazil. it's disingenuous to come on tv
2:21 pm
and say under my watch we are producing more oil. we are not. oil production may have peaked in '09 but it's on its way down because obama can't permit the permits that are needed. it's the future. they need cheaper gasoline. not us not right now. >> he could tell everybody that he's actually going to be in the international community and say we have to do this together. that's something we haven't heard. that's something i think he should get credit for as well. megyn: thank you also much. we are investigating new charges today that the obama administration may be trying to hide critical information from the public. playing games with freedom of information requests. that's the charge. we'll take a look at it on a live report just ahead. a u.s. law enforcement is
2:22 pm
warning about mexican drug cartels looking for new talent and who they are trying to recruit right here in the united states. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
2:23 pm
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2:25 pm
megyn: we are hearing the pentagon is planning how and with what weapons it might arm libyan rebel forces. keep in mind we roortd to you earlier -- we reported to you the president said he hasn't right out an hasn't ruled it in. we have heard the questions of legality have stopped the administration from springing this man into action. it's a question of the groups legitimacy. you can see they are wrestling with the very same thing we have
2:26 pm
been debating on this show. how do we arm these folks who may be affiliated with died, * who may, some of them be responsible for gunning down our american soldiers in iraq and afghanistan. you have to look at it in the context of what's happening in libya. but our own cabinet members and the white house is worried about this as well. more on that as we get it right here. we are getting reports from the border today that violent mexican drug cartels are recruiting american teenagers to make deliveries across the border. they are promising fast cash, but they are leaving out the risk. cartel members have been known to behead children to botch their drug jobs. chrikris gutierrez is live in el paso, texas.
2:27 pm
>> reporter: those teenagers know they can make a couple hundred bucks by carrying a backpack full of dope from juarez into el paso. an american teenager was busted while trying to smuggle this load of marijuana. the young man driving the truck was recruited by a mexican drug cartel. they will say you are a juvenile. you are not going to go to jail. 476 juveniles have been caught with drugs at a port of entry in el paso cut. 233 of them were u.s. citizens. school districts are inviting authorities into their classrooms to warn students about the risks of helping the cartels. students as young asth graders watch videos that outline in
2:28 pm
graphic detail how they burn the bodies of those. he says the court system can be tough, too. >> the legal system are things that can affect them the rest of their lives. jobs, college applications, scholarships. >> reporter: that scared straight program offered in local schools appears to be working. authorities say they have seen a sharp decrease in the number of american teenagers who have been and pretend. those numbers may be skewed because fewer americans are traveling into juarez because of the border violence. megyn: fox news is taking a look at a new allegation that the obama administration may be trying to play games with freedom of information requests.
2:29 pm
we'll look at that allegation in a live report just ahead. stay tuned for that. it's easy to dress up like a ballerina. but what about moving like one? wait until you hear who is saying there was a studio coverup to make natalie portman's dancing ability in the "black swan" seem as real as her acting talents. [ rge ] psst. constated? phillips' caplet use gnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks.
2:30 pm
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2:33 pm
megyn: new reports from washington suggest that we may be moving closer to possibly arming the rebels in libya we are being told the pentagon is work on a logistic plan how we would arm the libyan rebel forces. we are hearing questions of legality could stop the administration from putting this plan into action. there are concerns about who these rebels are, and if we give these rebels arms, they are not trained. they are not folks who know how to use weapons. according to all reports. there is a question about whether we would have to send trainers over there to teach them how to use the weapons and would that violate president obama's commitment not to put troops there.
2:34 pm
there is talk of the french or europeans training the rebels. but all of this is very controversial. so getting word this afternoon the pentagon is taking a close look at actually doing it. some trouble may be brewing for the white house. which promised more transparency under this president. charges surfacing that the administration may be playing games with freedom of information act requests. especially those that relate to politically sensitive topics. now a hearing on capitol hill is planned for tomorrow. >> reporter: good afternoon. the transparency in government has been a pledge of the obama administration from the start. a committee hearing may shed light on how well the administration is keeping that prom is. thea citpmp the critics maintain
2:35 pm
redacted and reviewed and withheld by political employees, and that is illegal. one career employee used words such as crazy, bananas, meddling to describe the scrutiny. other report says there was constant stonewalling. other say there were improper procedures. >> it appears there was a review by political appointees. that has now stopped. that's appropriate. there shouldn't have been that review. because you could see something bad happening. in this case it appears something bad did not happen. the bad thing was the review process itself. not the lack of disclosure or transparency. >> reporter: but none of these released emails indicate
2:36 pm
political appointees were hiding a smoking gun or bombshell of malfeasance. but darrell issa believes there may be. >> want to go know the name of the reporter or agency other organization want to go do political if you will who's after us kind of fact finding. we haven't seen that since the nixon administration. >> reporter: a spokesman for the departments of homeland security told fox under this administration we have reduced the foia backlog by pay the 4%. congressman issa's hearings get underway tomorrow and we'll be there. megyn: the wisconsin governor and his fellow republicans are facing a new hurdle in the budget battle. a judge issuing a new court order block that law again.
2:37 pm
the law what restrict collective bargaining rights for many state workers. but while the governor may be losing ground in the legal fight, how goes the fight for the hearts and minds of the people? pollster frank luntz is here with answers on that. >> it's pleasure to be here. you took a look at wisconsin which we have all been watching because it may be a harbinger of things to come in other states. we have seen similar disputes arising in ohio, indiana and elsewhere. you took a look at what's working in terms of message together people. what is? >> wisconsin is grounds zero for this political budget and what cuts will be made and the role of government employees in this efforts. up to this point there has been a tremendous polarization across the country and it's probably coming to washington, d.c. next week as they start to debate debt ceilings and continuing
2:38 pm
resolution and the budgets for 2011-2012. we have test testing ads in wisconsin for the last two months and almost all of them have failed. it either appealed to republican or democratic partisans, butten in seems to appeal to both. the republican trust came in. i'll talk weather language after i show you the ad. this is one of the rare times in american politics when a clear, tough message appeals all across the global spectrum. let's take a look how well this ad does. >> our economy is suffering. most of us are doing with less and some are doing without. so why are government employees unions demanding more? we work longer hours, but they earn more. our tax dollars provide them
2:39 pm
greater retirement and healthcare benefits than we receive. now with the financial crisis these unions are using our taxpayer dollars to skip work and organize rallies against common sense fiscal reform. are these fat cat union bosses trying to destroy our country? don't they know we are hurting? it's time for them to pay their fair share. get real and get back to the jobs they are lucky to have. the national republican trust pac is responsible for the contents of this advertising. megyn: how do those republicans manage to make the green democratic line go so high? >> they talked about the me. they set the proper contexts. they show the actual visuals. not stuff that's made up in the studio. but visuals of the protest. the voice of the announcer is low key it's a straightforward ad. there is a message for
2:40 pm
republicans and democrats. stop with the hyperbole. stop with the he ca -- stop wite extreme presentation. megyn: you have gave us another ad that you had dials on that proves your points. this comes from the other side of the aisle from the democrats, and it's about the larger budget battle. i want to show the viewers that and get you to comments on why you don't think this works. that was the wrong won, sorry, frank. >> for 8 years the bush administration turned our economy into a house of cards. last fall the house came tumbling down. now president obama has drawn up a blueprints that will rebuild
2:41 pm
our economy on jobs, education, reform, healthcare. call congress, tell them you support president obama's budget. let's get to work rebuilding america. megyn: it works with the dems, not the republicans. >> it begins with something hat happened in the past. the american people tell us to stop focusing on what happened in the past. tell us what you are going to do now. it makes an overt partisan appeal. yes it will play well with democrats but it won't play well with independents or republicans. megyn: can i ask you about chuck schumer saying i have been told by the caucus to paint the tea party as extreme. he said it 10 times in that conference call. what do you think about that word, as the author of "words
2:42 pm
that work." >> radical is more powerful than extreme. so it tells me chuck schumer did not read my back to "win." the next step he has the make is admit he made a mistake. if the american people keep hearing what he said that it's all deliberate. they will challenge his intent. they will challenge his credibility. this could be a make issue for senator schumer going forward. acknowledge he made a mistake and the public will giver. insist on using that word extreme and most americans will reject you. megyn: frank luntz, thank you, sir. there are allegation today after natalie portman's dance double in the "black swan" claims she did most of the dancing in the film and didn't get the credit she deserves. some are saying this should cost portman more oscar. the case is next in "kelly's court." ♪
2:43 pm
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neither is investing. e-trade. investing unleashed. megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket, natalie portman's oscar-winning role in the "black swan." the ballerina who acted as portman's dancing double is stepping on her toes and says most of the full-body dance scenes were not done by portman, but by her. the dancing double is sarah lane. she claims there was a studio coverup to mislead the studio about portman's dancing ability. and she wants her fair share of the credit. her allegation are leading some online critics to suggest natalie portman should lose her oscar over this.
2:47 pm
where do the legal rights stand? let's ask our panel. jonna spilbor and mercedes colwin. the body double did not get named in the credits. she is taking issue because one of the show's producers came out or the choreographer suggested that 85% of the movie was natalie dancing and she says that is just a lie. it was 5% natalie, the rest was me. does she have legal rights? >> i think she does. it depends on the conversations she had at the time of her contract. she signed a contract to be on this film. what he was obviously going to do most of the dancing. if during the conversation they said you are going to be given credit and you will show up as one of the doubles. it leaves credibility to her argument that there was this
2:48 pm
whole cover. you don't have to say the body double, but you could give her credit for the choreography or dance routine. megyn: she claims she was told not to talk to the media about her work on the film and she was basically credited as a stunt person but not by name and not as the person who did the vast majority of the dancing. the studio according to what i read, they never promised her a rose garden. >> i read the same thing. this is hollywood. where people don't really get shot. building don't really blow up and actresses don't do their own dancing. megyn: you mean natalie portman didn't become a prima ballerina in a year? >> it is hollywood. that's the name of the game. so i think the body double -- perhaps she could have negotiated her contract better so she was named as something
2:49 pm
other than a hands model and stunts double. but she didn't. end of story. she is trying to steal natalie's thunder. megyn: is there an argument some fraud has been created. the studio coming out and saying the body double was barely used. it was virtually all natalie, and this body double is saying that's not the truth. you can't do those ballet moves after a year's training. >> she was a ballerina for 22 years. that are you portman did it for 18 months. the public was misled. especially now that they are saying these are 95% is natalie. that can't be true. some of these dances are very complicated. that's one of the thing the prima ballerina says. this is a slap in the face to all of us who dedicated our
2:50 pm
lives to this. some credit has to be due and some transparency to the public. megyn: isn't that what contracts are for? she didn't have to do it. she didn't have to take the money. according to the film they say they had their editor count the shots. 139 dance shots in the film. 111 they say are natalie portman untouched. 28 are the dance double. >> this comes down to what she negotiated in her contract. she got paid to dance. i don't think they told her what percentage would be her. it doesn't matter. she did the work, she got paid for the work. end of story. megyn: is natalie portman's oscar in any danger? >> not a chance, i don't think so. megyn: it reminds me of westside story, the gal who sang
2:51 pm
fortunately wood. she didn't get credit. and flash dance. she didn't get credit for jennifer beales. one final word for our viewers. the dancing double was never promised big billing as far as the record shows and natalie portman is a not going to lose year acting oscar. your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. what super fruit is taking sunsweet ones.orm? prunes? they're a delicious source of nutrients. wow! it's packaged by itself... that's fantastic! that is so juicy. this is delicious. sunsweet ones. over 400 million enjoyed, and counting.
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2:54 pm
megyn: new job numbers show a drop in layoffs this month. but a report from a staffing firm of challenger gray and christmas shows 40,000 americans lost their jobs in march. public sect employees account for nearly half of the march job cuts. extreme weather alerts in florida where a tornado is a real possibility. plus there is a nor'easter
2:55 pm
brewing. >> reporter: florida will get pull emed today and tomorrow. date' that northern half of florida, the panhandle. the one line of storms moving on there, a very real possibility of tornadoes as the line moves in. this will move up with a bigger piece of energy. earlier into indiana, we'll be talking about a big storm tomorrow into friday across the northeast. nobody wants to hear it. but you will see all of the blue on the map. this is winter storm watches in effect. outside of new york city, across parts of connecticut, most of new england dealing with this storm. and a slow mover also. tomorrow will be rain, and snow. april fools. not really. it will happen. megyn: i object. will that work? >> reporter: people are so sick of it this year. it's been such a bad winter and
2:56 pm
continuing. next wednesday and thursday it will and repeat. megyn: that's good to know. the next wednesday and thursday after that i'll have to get back to you on those important dates in our family. thanks, rick. up next an update on lindsay lohan and how she just dodged a legal bullet. . pure... and also delicious. like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. when we turn lobster into irresistible creations like our new lobster-and-shrimp trio with a parmesan lobster bake, our decadent lobster lover's dream and eleven more choices. right now at red lobster. introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus.
2:57 pm
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>>megyn: and a verdict for you, lindsay lohan get as break from the law. prosecutors now clearing the actress of battery charges in connection with an altercation she had with an employee at the betty ford center. the whole thing, according to the employee, took place after the employee confronted lindsay lohan about sneaking out and back into the clinic. the employee later spoke to the media about the exchange and was promptly dismissed from the clinic. and yet the charges loomed over lindsay lohan's

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